Upon reading the novel Madame Bovary, we are instinctively drawn into feeling empathy for Charles,…

Upon reading the novel Madame Bovary, we are instinctively drawn into feeling empathy for Charles, her husband, and to hate her for her adulteries, for abandoning her child and ultimately for her poor decisions making. I just had a realization though, Emma Bovary was mentally ill.
It goes without saying that she has MDD (Maladaptive Daydreaming). Our literature studies’ professor used to call her “Une Machine à rêver” meaning “a dreaming machine”. She had a strong separation issues between reality and fantasy. Her daydreaming led her to believe in and to see things that weren’t there and that sometimes made it easier for others to take advantage of her.
She gave birth to a beautiful girl but never felt any motherly attachment to her. Maybe she never really wanted to have children but that was what’s expected of her. She was a young girl living in a world made up by her own mind and she wanted to live the love story she so daydreamed about ever since she was a little girl. She wasn’t ready to be a mom, she didn’t want to be a mom but it happened anyway.
She also suffered from depression and had suicidal tendencies that she later acted accordingly. Emma lived with a husband who couldn’t get two words together. The lack of communication was at the heart of the Bovarian dilemma. Having no one to talk to at home, no one to recognize what she was going through, she sought that recognition elsewhere. Sadly, she ended up with shady dudes who were after her for one reason and one reason only.
After cheating on her husband and realizing what a “horrible” mother she has been, she opted to kill herself to repent and cleanse her soul of her sins. Dodgy move by Flaubert, very dodgy.
But again, she had no help what so ever. She had no family outside of her husband and daughter, those whom she trusted and loved ended up breaking her heart and taking advantage of her, she never would have gotten the chance to get properly medicated cause if modern day society still doesn’t believe in mental illness then how about the good ol’ days?!
I can’t believe that for six years i had an inexplicable hate for Emma Bovary as someone who ran away from her responsibilities and who ended up hurting everyone that loved her by making the worst decision ever and giving up.
My hate was partly encouraged by the fact that i see a lot of myself in her and so seeing how she ended things the way she did and how poor her decisions were, made me hate her in a way that was disguising a certain fear of one day ending up at the same position some way somehow.
But now i know better. In a novel that had her name on the cover, the very first page is an introduction of Charles, her husband’s school days, depicting how awkward but yet a well composed child with whom we are almost forced to empathize. Charles later on gets to live his true love story and be with someone whom he loved and who loved him. He unfortunately lost that person and we were yet again forced to feel sorry for him. “Pauvre Charles!” “Poor Charles!” was the punchline of this whole entire novel. At the end, after Emma’s suicide, we have him alone with a young girl to raise on his own, once again, poor him!
Whilst Emma is depicted as someone who acts according to her own feelings disregarding those of the people around her, someone irresponsible and living in their head, someone who felt the need to repent by the only way of taking her own life by her own hand.
Flaubert’s “Madame Bovary” was persecuted for mentioning of adultery and breaking the decency laws. It was a commentary on what society at that time looked like. I know he had good intentions but he still is a man and this is still yet another novel written by a man that is unfair to women. In this essay i will