The plot line that bothered me the most in “The Cursed Child”


I want to preface by saying I couldn’t find a lot right with the writing of this play I am nothing less than disappointed with it’s lack of quality. That being said, there is one aspect that truly bothers me and kind of disgusts me… Cedric Diggory being written as a death eater. I understand that this occurred in an AU where he was humiliated and prevented from the glory of Triwizard Champion; but, this character in no way can resemble the fair and kind Cedric that Rowling originally created. Dumbledore when memorializing Cedric said, “Remember what happened to a boy who was good, and kind, and brave, because he strayed across the path of Lord Voldemort. Remember Cedric Diggory.” The Cedric Diggory I fell in love with was a kind boy who encapsulated Hufflepuffs ideals to where he was a prefect. He of course, by no means was perfect, and I am not saying a Hufflepuff can’t go bad. What I am saying is, writing that humiliation is what would drive Cedric to become a death eater, one who would kill Neville, is essentially Rowling shitting on this beautiful character. He was meant to be the embodiment of the kindness of a house that was almost entirely neglected from her original books. Keep in mind, this boy told his friends to stop wearing “Potter Sucks” badges out of empathy for a boy who he was not friends with and who was, at that time, one of three rivals standing between him and glory. He also, when Harry saved his life in the maze, insisted Harry should be the winner and was willing to sacrifice all his work because it was the fair and true thing to do. The idea of Cedric becoming a death eater baffles me and I can not believe that Rowling would sacrifice his reputation (and the reputation of his house that heavily was thrown on him) just because he was “humiliated”.