Kiss Me ♡ A Charlie Puth Imagine

This chapter is based
off the lyrics of the song Kiss Me by Charlie Puth. Some of the lyrics
are out of order and some of the words are different but that was just
for the story to make sense and have a good ending! 😉


I should have told you how I really feel a little in advance…

Charlie looked at your
smiling face. Your beautiful smiling face, he added in his mind. He
loved you. You loved him too, but, just as friends. He loved you more
than that. More than friends. That’s what he wanted. But you just wanted
to be friends. Charlie sighed. You looked up at him. “What’s wrong?”
you asked. “Nothing.” he lied. He hated lying to you, but it had to be
done. You frowned. “Tell me.” you said.

Then I would’ve had some time to go and work it out, I think I lost my chance…

Charlie bit his lip. “I
don’t think you’d understand.” You cocked your head to one side. “But
I’d listen.” you told him. You put your hand on his cheek. “Just tell
me.” you said, gently. He shook his head. “I can’t. It’s too late to
tell you. I lost my chance.”

For the last three
years I just hid it so well hoping that you’d figure it out because I
never could tell it straight to your face…

“What do you mean it’s
too late?” you were confused. “It’s never too late.” Charlie sighed. He
had hidden his feelings for so long. But he wasn’t sure he could hide
them anymore.

Never have I ever woken up i a cold hard sweat from a dream wondering if you’d ever say goodbye, if I didn’t say it first…

“Can’t I have a private
life!?” Charlie exclaimed. You were shocked by his loud voice. “Calm
down. I didn’t mean it like-” Charlie got up off the sofa. “No Y/N,” he
said. “It’s okay. You don’t have to apologize.” He walked to the bedroom
and put his hand on the doorknob. “I just need some time. Alone.” And
with that he disappeared, leaving you sitting on the couch, drowning in

No. No more nights…

Charlie stared up at the
ceiling. He heard you knock on the door. “Charlie…” you said. “I-I’m
going home now. Is that okay?” Charlie rolled over to face the door.
“That’s fine.” he said, trying to keep his voice steady and not let it
tremble with the tears that were on his cheeks. “Okay, um. Well, bye.”
With that you were gone. As soon as the door closed, Charlie let the
tears flow out steadily. He couldn’t sleep when he was feeling like
this. He got out of bed, wiped away the tears and went out into the
bright lights of the city.

Drinking away my loneliness and up till 2 am…

The bar called out his
name. Charlie went inside and ordered a drink. While he waited for it to
be made, he thought about you. You and your beautiful curls that he
loved to pull and let spring back into the same curly shape and make you
giggle. You and your adorable little nose that he loved to kiss when
you were sad. You and your smile that could make even
snakes smile back. Charlie sighed. He couldn’t stop thinking about you.
But when his drink finally came, he didn’t think about anything.  

No more waiting. Pacing round the bar hoping that you might walk in…

Charlie kept looking at the door, hoping and praying that you would walk in. Then he would tell you how he really felt. He
would tell you that he loved you, but not friend love. He would tell
you that he thought you were beautiful, but just because he was being
nice cause you were friends. He would tell you what he wanted.
It was 2 am. Charlie had finally figured that you weren’t coming. He
sighed an headed for the door. He kept his head down. Suddenly, he felt
an impact and the next thing he knew he was on top of someone. He
scrambled up and extended his hand. “I’m so sorry I-” he froze. “Y/N?”

You were sobbing on the
floor. When you heard your name, you looked up. You gasped. “Charlie!”
You got up quickly and wiped your tears away, leaving mascara smudges on
your cheeks. “Um, I didn’t know you were gonna be here. I can go if
you-” Charlie grabbed your arm. “I love you!” He blurted out. You looked
at him, eyes shining with tears. “What?” you said. Charlie took a deep
breath. “I’m done playing these games.” He told you. You stared at him.
“I can’t believe what I’m about to say.” He opened his eyes you saw they
were filled with tears. “I won’t tell you goodbye with my love left
behind. Kiss me before I f***ing lose my mind.” The tears rolled down
Charlie’s cheeks as you stared at him. You were frozen. You couldn’t
move. You couldn’t speak. “Y/N…” Charlie said after a long pause. “I
love you. I don’t want to just be friends. I want to be….” he choked
on a sob. “More.” You couldn’t fight it anymore. You burst out in tears.
Charlie hugged you to his chest which you soaked with long overdue
tears. “I do too!” You sobbed. “I don’t want to just be friends! I love
you too! I couldn’t tell you because I thought all you wanted was to be
friends and not anything more. I want to be more!” Charlie peeled you
off him. You sniffed and calmed down mostly but you couldn’t stop a few
stray tears from escaping down your red cheeks. “So…” Charlie said.
“Are you gonna f***ing kiss me or not?” He grinned through his tears.
You smiled back. You tackled him to the ground and pressed your lips
against his. You didn’t pull apart for a long time, and didn’t want to
either. You were both getting…

What you really wanted.

Your Birthday//A Charlie Puth Imagine

The sound of birds wakes
you up. You sit up in bed and find that Charlie is not beside you. You
get out of bed, wearing a spaghetti strap white silk dress. You slip on
of Charlie’s flannels over your shoulders and go downstairs. You find
Charlie sipping coffee at the kitchen table.

He looks up at you.
“Good morning beautiful.” He gives you his usual adorable smile.
“Finally awake?” You glance at the clock. 11:27 a.m. “I like sleeping.”
You shrugged, sitting next to him. He wraps his arm around you and you
lean your head on his shoulder. He kisses your nose. “Happy birthday,
Y/N.” he whispers in your ears. You giggle. “I made you breakfast.”
Charlie tells you. “You can’t cook.” you laughed. Charlie pretended to
be offended. “I can too!” He pouted. You glared jokingly at him. “I
heated it up.” he admitted finally. He placed a plate of still steaming
cinnamon rolls and a glass of milk in front of you. “Eat up.” he said
smiling at your surprised face. “There are a lot of surprises yet to

As you ate, he played the piano and sang one call away to you. Once you were done eating, Charlie did the dishes.

You came up behind him
and wrapped your arms around his stomach. He turned off the faucet and
faced you. “What do you want?” You looked up at him. “I need attention.”
you whined. He laughed and carried you, wedding style to the couch. He
sets you down along with a bowl of popcorn. Then he puts in your
favorite movie.

Then he comes over and
sits beside you. He puts his arm behind your head and you lean on his
chest. Charlie feeds you the popcorn. You were fully capable of feeding
yourself, but he insisted. Then came the part of the movie that you
always cried at. You bit your lip but still the tears came. Although, no
tears spilled out.

You then are aware that
your, or rather, Charlie’s flannel around you was getting wet. You look
up at Charlie. He has big tears rolling down his cheeks. You smile from
how cute and sad he looked. “Charlie,” you said. He didn’t know you were
watching him until you spoke. He wiped the tears away and sniffed.
“What?” he asked. He tried to look tough, but his lower lip still
trembled. You grinned and kissed him. He was the one who broke the kiss,
saying “I almost forgot!” He got up, leaving you on the couch. You
shivered, finding that since his body heat no longer warmed you, it was
quite cold in here. Charlie noticed that you were cold. “I can turn the
heat up.” He told you. “You don’t have to.” you said. He turned it up

He came back with a
cupcake. “Happy birthday.” he said. You smiled as he handed it to you.
“Did you make this?” you asked. Charlie blushed. “I bought it.” he said
softly. You laughed. “I love it! Will you share it with me?” you asked,
taking the wrapper off the cupcake. “Why?” Charlie asked, sitting down
beside you. “Are you watching your weight. Y/N, I already told you,
you’re perfect.” You giggled. “No, I’m not watching my weight. I just
want to share this cupcake with the best boyfriend in the world.”
Charlie grinned an adorable grin as you held up the dessert in front of
his nose. You both took a bite out of it at the same time, but on
opposite sides. You both laughed until crumbs fell out of your mouths
onto the blanket you were sharing.

Yup, you truly had the best boyfriend in the whole wide world.

Tired//A Charlie Puth Imagine

-from my wattpad-


D/N= daughter’s name


You close your tired
eyes. As soon as you start to fall asleep, you hear D/N crying. You lift
your heavy head to look at the clock. It was 1:30 a.m. You groaned as
D/N’s screams got louder. You got out of bed and dragged your feet,
which feel like bricks, to the nursery.

Ever since Charlie
started touring again, things have been tough for you. D/N only lets
Charlie put her to bed and you were exhausted. You haven’t slept for
more than 2 hours for 3 weeks.

You picked up the
wailing D/N and carried her out to the sofa. You collapsed on it and
began rocking D/N in your arms. Soon, your arms get heavy, and D/N rolls
over into your lap. Your head falls forward and you’re fast asleep.

You can hear D/N crying
distantly, but you still don’t wake up. Suddenly, D/N’s screaming stops.
You can faintly hear her giggling, and someone going, “Shh…” Then you
hear sweet gentle signing. Footsteps go down the hall. Then you here
the same footsteps approaching you. You force your eyes open, and are
met with your boyfriend’s shining hazel eyes.

“Charlie,” you say, the
words all slurring together. “You’re not supposed to be home for another
six weeks.” Your head rolls back out of the sheer need for sleep.
“Shh.” Charlie says softly. “You’re tired.” You try to nod.

Charlie scoops you up in
his strong arms and carries you to the bedroom. He lays you down on the
bed. You can faintly hear your closet door opening then closing. You
lift one heavy eyelid. “What are you doing?” you ask, voice cracking
with tiredness. Charlie doesn’t answer. He just sits you up on the bed,
your chest leaning limp on his, and takes off your tight working dress.

“Charlie….” Your voice
trails off. “Shh.” he hushes you gently. “Just sleep.” He slips your
favorite silk nightgown over your head. Then he tucks you in with soft
blankets. Then he changes into sweats and a tank top and lays down next
to you. You roll over, facing away from him, and he puts his arm around
your middle. You fall asleep almost instantly and sleep until 5 pm that
afternoon, and all the while Charlie holds you tight.